Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Welcome to Ceramic Review’s blog site. As communication becomes quicker, easier and more interactive, we thought it time CR moved out from the office and communicated directly with readers, and you with us. We welcome your ideas, thoughts, news and above all your response to what you see in Ceramic Review. Sometimes the team here in the office long to know what you think, how you think some articles work, what is missing, what issues concern potters today. We are here to produce the magazine that you want; we talk to potters, collectors, enthusiasts, teachers and writers, but it is you the reader whose views we value more. Join in the debate, as Mrs Merton observed.

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PatSouthwood said...

This is a welcome innovation on the part of Ceramic Review, I hope it works well.

Lovely to see Jonathan Keeps' bowl enhacing the sweetcorn.