Wednesday, 3 September 2008

In the Pot

At this time of year, when corn on the cob are at their best – full, ripe and a golden yellow – they are delicious, far superior to anything found in a tin or frozen packs. My local market was selling three for a £1. To cook, if you have a microwave, is simple. Wash and place in a casserole such as those made by Jeremy Steward, Josie Walter or Jonathan Keep, cover loosely with a lid and microwave for five minutes. The corn should now be even more golden and tender, according to age. Five minutes I find just right. Smother with butter and black pepper and eat with fingers. For a more sophisticated dressing try virgin olive oil and black pepper – delicious as a starter or as vegetable, but chew thoroughly to enjoy the full, golden flavour and the heat of summer. Good old fashioned boiling in water for around 25-30 minutes will work, but slightly dilutes the flavour. One up for the dreaded microwave.

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